We are ExFlex!

Our friendly and professional team of freight forwarding specialists are ready and waiting to get your cargo safely and securely to where it needs to go. With our high level of customer service, years of expertise in transportmanagement, state-of-the-art technology, and flexible schedules to suit your every need, why look elsewhere; let’s talk cargo!

sing only quality carriers, and reputable subcontractors, you’re guaranteed to have your cargo shipped or stored to the very highest of standards, and that’s something that our team at Koch Wilson vow never to compromise on. Fortunately, quality doesn’t have to mean extortionate prices, and with services that can be tailormade to suit your specific needs, we offer affordability with all of our expertly crafted freight and storage solutions.

Worried about inclement weather disrupting the transportation of your goods? With our advanced technology and global network of control towers, we can monitor and respond appropriately to adverse weather conditions and minimize the risk of delays to your schedule. We can also make swift responses to last-minute additional pick-ups or drop-offs and even heavy traffic, to ensure that we’re always using the most efficient routes and working our hardest to get your goods to their destination, on time.

We aim to make each of our services as comprehensive, cost effective, reliable and simple as possible, and if at any time you have any questions about what we offer, or need to check on the status of a current schedule, our dedicated and friendly team are here for you around the clock. With time zone differences, we understand that you might need to talk to us in the middle of the night, or before the sun comes up, and our commitment to always being there for you, means that you can reach out to us, whenever you need us.

Our Mission

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is strongly reflected in our core values, and while we are of course a business, it’s about so much more than simply making money for us, and our mission and values are extremely important to us:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Provide safe workspaces
  • Maintaininghigh ethical standards/li>
  • Active community partners
  • Emphasis on freight security
  • Air and ocean insurance and regulatory compliant
  • Effective customs brokerage
  • Clearance and compliance

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