The concept for our new shop Eolos evolved over the past six years. We strive to create an environment that is warm, cozy and welcoming. We envision a community space in a setting filled with light, plants and natural wood, that feels like home, without pretensions. It is a space that can simultaneously calm and nurture the mind. Our goal is to communicate our love for nature and activity in a triptych manner. Our shop includes a combination of (1) wooden bikes, (2) food – imported Mediterranean products, local products, and nostalgia foods, (3) while offering tea and coffee with snacks and light meals. We value community. Eolos invites local artists to display their art in ongoing, changing art exhibits. Eolos also offers a selection of used books for sale on a regular basis. All book sale donations will benefit various charities over time. Our focus for the environment is eco-sustainability. We are plastic free! All of our packaging is either paper, fabric, or glass. We strive for zero waste by introducing the option of bringing your own container to fill with items like olive oil, spices, and dry goods.

Our wooden bikes make their foray into the Canadian market. We are the sole authorized distributor of Coco-mat Bike for North America and New Zealand. These environmentally friendly bikes are produced with Canadian ash and for every bike that is sold, a tree is planted in the name of the buyer. We promote eco consciousness and help with reforestation as one tree can produce 40 bikes. We will partner with the city of London to adopt an area for reforestation that you can view and know that you have contributed to the well-being of our environment. We emphasize the importance of being one with nature. When riding a wooden bike, you identify with nature and hold onto its value.

At Eolos, there will be a great selection of imported Mediterranean products including small batch lines, such as olive oil, honey, and olives. Small batch products are certified, high quality items that will be available exclusively at Eolos. Our focus will be the Mediterranean diet and more specifically the foods that promise longevity of life from the islands of Crete and Ikaria. We aim to provide the best quality in olive oil, honey, authentic Greek feta cheese and yogurt, directly sourced from the producers. We will feature local artisanal organic breads and croissants but we plan to continually explore local products and include them in our shop. Further, local producers are invited to showcase their own products, like fresh produce and eggs, on designated days. Our snacks, sandwiches and salads will be healthy whole foods with a variety of organic, vegan and vegetarian options. We also recommend fresh nostalgia and homemade foods for a snack at Eolos.

Further, we will introduce our nostalgia foods. These products rest in our memory of past experiences in countries that we have visited or in which we have originated. We endeavour to learn from the community which products qualify for them as nostalgia foods so that we can include them in our selection. We start with our own nostalgia foods that are fresh sweet and savoury baked goods.

We feel that our concept is unique and it will be well received by the London community. We will continue to evolve our ideas and strive to meet the needs of Canadians to stay close to nature, to promote community, and to drink and eat well and healthy.